Settle/Smelt Iron, Star & Prism

Fragile, frozen-fevered breath

I drew the room’s aroma in

and out and in

and all around this shell

the world contracts,

begin again.


I patch the cracks & map

her continent across the ceiling.

And there, I trace the shadow hours’ passing.


We explore imagined regions

with thumbs and gummy fingers,

rabbit heads and hummingbird features.

Discover magic, moons and oceans and

brushstroke the dustbowl, like desert creatures.

A honeyed spoon song sings bottled water.


In shallow sleep I shovel gravel. Dig

and swath her tunnel.

Her breath, it wreathes the handmade –

the nails, an inch imbedded.




I’ve witnessed, previous, privet

congregations of solemn hems and cuffs,

that even blackened guillemots,

against the blanket cloud, eschewed

with cackles, turning, hooded like

bin-bags on the breeze.

I laid down my tools and succumbed.


But, no more.


I palm fire now.

Smelt iron, star & prism.

And, though I am blind, I see

beginnings, trajectories & conclusion.

Watches come & go.

And I will bridge the water until

all the towns are in the mirror.

And all the roads are Roman.













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