My Top 5 December Blogs.

Dr. Joseph Suglia is a distinguished author, literary critic and blogger of considerable repute. I’ve been following his site for some months now. However, what has particularly piqued my interest is watching the final development, planning and push toward the hardcopy publication of his novel TABLE 41.

TABLE 41 is a lucid/ dream state/ end of days/ novel. It is written (and thus, read) in the 2nd person. The immediate effect here is that the reader is drawn inexorably into the dizzying space of this post-modern fiction as the viewer/character.

The writing is sharp, poetic, clipped and presented in a high-gloss and effectively dreamlike, sheen. The overall reference points are not so obvious – it is a unique piece of work – but, I would say, lovers of S. Plath, D. Coupland, RM Rilke, F. Nietzsche, Old/New Testament & P. Morley, will find themselves quite at home within this food obsessed & animal populated near future – (shattered) – American dream cityscape allegory.

Highly recommended & available on all quality digital platforms in either digital or hard copy.

River Dixon is a prolific poet & short fiction author publishing on WP as The Stories In-Between. His work is high-end creative writing exploring landscape, imagination, emotion & love. What recommends his work to this mind is the obvious care that has been taken in the editing: a joy to read.

If alchemy, alien lifeforms, art-dreamscapes are your cuppa tea (like me), then the highly prolific folk at Lucid Being will be just your thing. Echinacea for the mind & spirit.

WrittenCasey is an underground writer/reader whose work mines the deep seams of the scientific endeavour. Her regular posts explore literate-esoterica, elliptical-philosophies, elemental-alchemy, fractal-poetics & lingual-marginalia.

She also deals in late night, high end, good time rocknroll of the first order & is involved in dream research.

No slim picking or flim flam.

I can’t remember how I came across Yin Yee. It doesn’t matter really. I want to pass this excellent fiction blog your way. Deeply haunting & sad epic story telling. The simplicity of language (no easy task) only adds further to the feeling of alienation. Beautiful storytelling complemented with gorgeous Japanese paint work.

Do visit. Do follow.



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