And When I Sleep, Luella. [xi]

The snorkel parka comes off and Letitia rolls a sleeve. She plunges a hand into the water and sometime later scoops out a fish. She pushes it into her mouth with two hands and scrabbles around for the brew can. Dizzy gags. Lemon giggles.

Fish reaches down the sofa, mighty pleased. Draws out the package and places it on the table between he and she. Lemons flips Black Uhuru.

And the room fills further with smoke.

But it transpires Dizzy nor Lemons got no money for Fish. They’re just subway loom boys thinking that they can do some buy-now, pay-later. Letitia, well, she’s got nothing but goldfish and turkey coming on.

The room mood gets heavy. Fish is not impressed. Snakes his dreads. Starts ranting, railing. A pistol is drawn from the side of the sofa, like it’s the most normal thing and  he’s saying he’s going to retrieve his fish this very minute unless someone pays up. Letitia says she’ll cough up and proceeds to put one, two fingers into her mouth. She’s choking now. Lemons is tapping her back. She’s thinking he should be slapping.

Cough it or shit it.

and when i sleep, luella. [xi/xii]©2019

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