After work.

cassettes: you’re a big girl now.

At some point, between pocketing the takings, locking the shop, walking the length of Station Street, bent into the breeze and shoeing wet leaves, he decides to see if she’d like a drink. And there she is, Hannah in the white pinafore over black skirt in the yellow light of the cramped coffee shop window. She is sweeping crumbs into a dustpan with an unhurried brush. Her hair is bunned. Her eyes are like pools. He stands at the dark glass.

{I recorded Dylan’s Blood On The Tracks album A-Z in a cupboard on a four track. Thanks, Bobby x}

15 thoughts on “After work.

  1. Master Reeves…gorgeous × infinity.
    Lyrics very cool, but the music took me back to my on the road runaway days on the roofs of San Francisco, smoking cloves, French kissing Kerouac in my head, thinking of nothing and everything in the world. amazing once again and thank you 🙂 xoxoxo

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