Tea and Toast with Honey (in A♭)

Tail-end of October, scat rain on skylight glass,

the loosest jazz all afternoon. Too soon the window darkens.

Perhaps, in Friedrichshain (between the wars), I wonder,

or Whitley Bay, for one more season, a matinée

plays for someone taking tea and toast with honey.

The street lights come on one by one, a standing ovation,

and all over town an applause of cups and saucers;

sweet spoon song sings in wooden rooms…

I wonder,

are you in this playhouse, too,

taking tea and toast with honey?

39 thoughts on “Tea and Toast with Honey (in A♭)

      1. If you are ever this side of the pond I hope you would consider playing a little guitar with me in one of the less scuzzy cheapo rent a music studios in town. Really enjoyed your big girl now cover.

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      2. If I ever make it out to see Ruthie in Wales I will hold you to that…for now I have to sit tight here in SF and try and get life fixed. It is only $30 or so at Music City in Filmore, including use of an amp etc, I keep meaning to go, but it isn’t worth it without some company or an electric to plug in. x back!

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      3. Hang in there. there’s bound to be some cool folk make an appearance – you know what these types are like 😉 It is a buzz playing with a loose band of friends.
        ps. ps.

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      4. I haven’t played with a group of people since my punk band days. I miss it. Nah, it’s all hippies out here, or little baby hipsters who wouldn’t give an old girl like me the time of day. Im content writing little folk songs and wishing I could plug in and play some PJ Harvey or Patti …Writing is the new rock and roll, Nick…Music is dead, or at least bleeding out in a ditch.

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      5. Lol. Undeadundeadundead! That vampire’ll be back in some guise, whether you or I like it or not. But, I agree on your main thrust, Detroit. It all goes hand in hand. Lol, I’m gonna have to say it again (to your frustration!) … A+T=RnR 🙂

        And like Lou says to some vague heckler on Take No Prisoners…”If you write as good as you speak, then no one reads you!”
        ps. which, clearly, is not the case for you x


  1. Now you are just being nice, I’m a derivative hack and we both know it…!A and T? All terrain tires? Attitude and testosterone? I’m starting to feel rather left out of the equation!


    1. Hm. The lady doth protest tea double oh much 😉

      I don’t recall which tape or even tune, but it’s from an old P. Smith bootleg I have. She comes on stage with the band, much cronking of guitars and shambling. Takes the mic and says, “Art plus technology equals rocknroll” – it just stuck with me. And rightly so. Very succinct of her
      ps. (again)

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      1. Ah, I love Patti. I mean I really like LOVE Patti. Not only does she make me look positively polished and tidy in comparison, she is more the embodiment of RImbaud than Dylan ever was or will ever be. Tea? You can’t mention tea without putting the kettle on…you know the rules! Andmoreagainor-ps from SF to the Island….


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