beneath the big dipper


the pepsi sippers smear

beneath the big dipper

blackpool between my ears


pleasure beach, love is here

beneath the big dipper.

i heart oompah-pah bears.


carousel riders rear

beneath the dig dipper

pennants of palms and hair


Lichtenstein clings to her

beneath the big dipper

she wows this day tripper


the sea, the sky, the pier.

beyond the big dipper

i write, wish you were here.

8 thoughts on “beneath the big dipper

  1. Thank you, Ingrid.
    The experience (adorable) came first, then the words. There was the inevitable shuffling. The repeating line suggested itself sometime later. But the punctuation (scant) was a last minute inclusion. It is always a surprise what a difference a comma (and a day) makes – also, it was so tempting to insert a possessive apostrophe somewhere in the carousel line… and maybe I Will.

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