From Cairo To Carlisle.

The night before our wedding vows

were exchanged, we changed the bedding.

Cotton from Cairo to Carlisle, you said.

And, amid these mills and pyramids

unfolded, tucked and spread, we slept.


Dreamed freedoms formed from enslavements;

cold words are never sentenced here.

We have no need for apple crops,

tobacco shops, or any other

pavements. Watch dusking sparrows stave

for us, elder tree arrangements.


Our slew of gifts; featherlight

glyphs, handwritten and secreted

between sheets, writhen; scented letters.

The rings beside us on the table;

bedside for this evening only.

Raiment waiting on the railing.

The morning birdsong, wedding bells.

Starlight Conversations (detail) / acrylic, chalk, graphite, analogue collage/ 24×18″/07092022

cassettes/ Receipts/ tape reel version – (a wonderful remix by Gavin Badman Kinch)

9 thoughts on “From Cairo To Carlisle.

    1. Thanks Bill!
      My good friend Gavin K recorded us originally at his studio and so I guess he had the skills to achieve it! I guess he could isolate vocal tracks, manipulate tempos, etc? Beyond this, it is all voodoo to me! x

      Liked by 1 person

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