It rained that night
cut-up. poetry / postcard 03/04/20
Queen maud land
Queen Maud Land. 2018.
always collage
…always… (watercolour, analogue, cut-up, card, montage: 2018)
Cityscape (2008)
cassettes. Strange & exotic
cassettes poster 2007 (cut-up/Letraset/tissuepaper)
cassette head poster
cassettes poster 2008 (cut-up/tissuepaper/Letraset/tape)
To The Lighthouse:Knight
Greetings card 2013 (cut-up To The Lighthouse/Virginia Woolf/Boys’ Own)
Somme Girls- beginnings
magazine cut-up (2018)
Somme Girls cover
SOMME GIRLS (cd cover) 2018 – limited 50 run, front cover.
North of Yorkshire
North of Yorkshire 2017 (multimedia)
Munching Mollusks
Munching Mollusks 2016 (cut-up/found poetry)
Fits & Starts 2017 (cut-up/typewriter)
He Got Married 2013 (cut-up)
Happy Mothers Day
Greetings card 2012 (cut-up/tissuepaper/watercolour)





Front cover Blood On The Tracks:cassettes
Blood On The Tracks -cd cover – collage 2014. Limited run 50cds.


Blood On The Tracks/cassettes
Back cover 2016


More Than A Century Later (greetings card) 2018