dream diaries…47

November 4th 2018.


Walking a beach in winter. The waves crash & rush up the sand toward me. The white foam soaks my shoes. As each waves retreats I notice that my shoes have changed colour: brown to gold to orange. This makes me smile & I look around for someone to tell.

There is a beach hut. It is made of glass. A woman sits at a desk. I go in & she is tuning a radio.

‘Islands In The Stream’ (but not the Kris K & Dolly P version).


November 5th 2018.


With Isaac & Amy, sat on a sofa. We are in a high ceilinged, square, plain room. The walls are yellow/green. There is a clock on one of the walls (06:00). Isaac starts to bounce a football off the floor & against a wall – it is like a slow motion game of squash.


November 6th 2018.


After taking a long coach ride I reach the destination. But the driver (Pete S?) says that I have to stay on the coach. He turns around & drives back to where we started. I have to make the whole journey again. When I eventually get back to where I want to go Pete S smiles & hands me a large silver coin (Swedish?)




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