The Shale Basin.

The shape of The Shale Basin, soon to be wintered, shading the bed of the Puget Sound,   etching, at anchor, an orbit in the near-frozen water, caught between kelp and canopy of cloud.   Low, early December sunlight casting long shadows, shafting the surface; an ever-complicated dance.   Slow repetition, return and feign of … Continue reading The Shale Basin.

Crop Circles.

It was a heatwave. Elton John & Kiki Dee’s perky Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, was top of the pops pretty much the whole summer, with Elton looking rather more wired than Fozzie Bear to Kiki’s, ‘air-head brunette’ ragdoll, Jemima, from Play Away. Dr. Hook’s persistent, un/easy listening hit - A Little Bit More - … Continue reading Crop Circles.

dream diaries…50

December 1st 2018. Norfolk. An amalgam of 2006/now. Anchored in Horning Broad at night. I have left the boat. I am above the boat. I float. It seems quite natural to see the boat, the water, the surrounding trees, beyond, from up here. What strikes immediately... the line (silver) stretching from the deck down through … Continue reading dream diaries…50