November Beckons

Yesterday, a photograph - acorns, on a table, jarred - appeared before me. Curiously, the reverse revealed a label, written; sinistral, spectral; snared within open quote marks, reckoning October, nineteen ninety-five. . Inclining from the past to present, the ink, faded and reminiscent of early morning light as this November beckons, reminding me that memory … Continue reading November Beckons

Cassettes Live @ Three Tanners Bank — Experiments in Fiction

First time back out in a while at the cool 3 Tanners Bank in North Shields where I Was made most welcome by the crew and crowd. I Wonder where three years went... Many thanks to Experiments In Fiction for capturing the evening in words and film. Thank you. Marking their post-pandemic return to … Continue reading Cassettes Live @ Three Tanners Bank — Experiments in Fiction

This Stunning Creature.

A salmon, glistening, unexpected, in silver breastplate armour, unprotected, rose from the unseen other realm, breathed once upon this August mirror, ecstatic at the vision found there, arched, brief in sunlight - beneath the river, disappeared ˙ just as the bells of St. Lawrence pealed the final quarter tones of the hour, concentric circles on … Continue reading This Stunning Creature.