the 4th eclectic reader

the fourth eclectic reader renders stories of nantucket whalers. i didn’t buy a copy, i stole it from my teacher and i keep it in my blazer. 'from new bedford sound, pacific bound, they were gone for several winters.' round the cape of good hope, peru and argentina... now, crossing the equator. i wish she'd … Continue reading the 4th eclectic reader

a clutch of gerbera.

i watched a wet cormorant on a rock in a tide pool, her drape wings seeking heat from the bleak october. and at noon i thought of you at your grandmother's funeral, beneath lichen furs, and in the miniature jewels of the yew tree. i imagined you in your annie hall get-up, cradling a clutch … Continue reading a clutch of gerbera.

After work.

cassettes: you're a big girl now. At some point, between pocketing the takings, locking the shop, walking the length of Station Street, bent into the breeze and shoeing wet leaves, he decides to see if she'd like a drink. And there she is, Hannah in the white pinafore over black skirt in the yellow light … Continue reading After work.