This Stunning Creature.

A salmon, glistening, unexpected, in silver breastplate armour, unprotected, rose from the unseen other realm, breathed once upon this August mirror, ecstatic at the vision found there, arched, brief in sunlight - beneath the river, disappeared ˙ just as the bells of St. Lawrence pealed the final quarter tones of the hour, concentric circles on … Continue reading This Stunning Creature.

From Cairo To Carlisle.

The night before our wedding vows were exchanged, we changed the bedding. Cotton from Cairo to Carlisle, you said. And, amid these mills and pyramids unfolded, tucked and spread, we slept. o Dreamed freedoms formed from enslavements; cold words are never sentenced here. We have no need for apple crops, tobacco shops, or any other … Continue reading From Cairo To Carlisle.

Nature Speaks (of Love & Sorrow) Jeff Flesch. #EiF

Jeff Flesch's volume Nature Speaks (of Love & Sorrow), a fine and thoughtful meditation on love (and sorrow) is published September 1st 2022 by Experiments In Fiction (EIF). This slender volume has been gathering many great reviews on its pre release and to find out a little more do join Jeff and Ingrid (EiF) on … Continue reading Nature Speaks (of Love & Sorrow) Jeff Flesch. #EiF