dream diaries…1

10th October 2015 (South Shields)

Mick Jones of The Clash is looking old. He is window shopping. It is autumn.

A bird has brought a fish ashore. The fish is silver & flat. It flaps about on the quayside.

12th October 2015

Graham T & I are in a bar. “Have a Gin & Orange instead,” he says. It seems like a good idea, so I do. The barman brings over a jug of orange juice. Three dogs lay at our feet. They belong to Graham or Tony B (who has also arrived). I give the dogs treats. Tony admires my coat. It is a smart, brown leather, driving jacket. “Nice quality,” he says. “They don’t make them like this anymore.” I open up the coat to show him the label. It reads ‘Saint Michael’. “Nice,” he says. “Vintage.”

Waiting in a dentist surgery or opticians. The sunlight streams through the window & dust motes float in the air. I am talking to Jayne L. Mum comes out of the dentist room & walks out to her car which is parked outside. I run after her. All the car doors are wide open. It is filled with people & bags & boxes. Nan sits in the back with Joel & James – but they are toddlers. Mum turns around & she is crying. She hands me a card. It is made of thin paper. “Is this it?” I say. “Yes.” I try to hand it back to her, but she won’t take it.

14th October 2015

The ‘Iron Duke’ is actually so called because he invented a steel collar that clips to your jacket & can be turned up to protect the face from bullets! “Then why isn’t he called The Steel Duke?” I ask, not unreasonably.

15th October 2015

Caroline P says, “Make sure that the fridge is empty.”dream diaries…

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