Dream Diaries…6

March 3rd 2014. Crystal Palace.

Here is a white cat. It has long hair. It wears glasses & speaks. It is amazing & everyone wants one!

March 4th 2014.

Jodie J has discovered a secret world hidden behind a door at the back of the coffee shop. There are gardens & workshops & (up a hill) two vacant apartments that resemble Bilbo Baggins’ home.

March 5th 2014.

I am a volunteer at an ‘outside’ school: all the classes take place outside on the street. I’m listening to a woman teach ‘Comparable Modern English Texts.’ The gist of which is to compare & contrast both modern & ancient texts. At one point, the teacher, leaning on a shopping trolley, accidentally presses the PLAY button on a stereo that is at her side. Loud, frenetic rock music blasts out – with guitars feeding-back! As it plays she does a little curtsy & ducks away behind a curtain.

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