dream diaries…32

August 31st 2018 (Croydon)


John F is on holiday in Mexico. He is travelling around in a brown VW camper with a cappuchino trim. He stops at a roadside shop. It is cool & the walls are thick & white & rough stone. Meats hang from hooks in the rafters. Bottles & jars of pickles & olives. Tomatoes vine the wall. Flies & dust. A group of men come in & browse. They are a Scicilian mafia group on holiday. They wear tee shirts that read THE DON, HE DON’T DO IT! John F watches them secretly by looking through a large jar of pickles.


September 1st 2018


Jayne L is talking politics with a Yorkshireman. He says that he has come a long way to hear her views. When she says the word ‘measure’ she puts the emphasis in the wrong place so that it sounds like ‘me-sure’. She says it over & over & the Yorkshireman just keeps nodding. I find it all very irritating, so I decide to go for a walk instead.


September 2nd 2018 (Whitley Bay)


It is the Walcott Street festival in Bath. An annual event held in summer. Music blares from speakers that have been rigged up the trees. People dance & eat on the street as traffic has been banned for the day. I place my bike beneath a bench & go into The Bell to buy a beer. When I come out I find that someone has removed the saddle.

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