dream diaries…45

October 22 2018.


…up many twisting stairs in a busy club. The steps are narrow & so I hold onto the bannister. At the very top is a tiny room. Tony B is sat at a desk. He writes in a notebook. I say hi, but he cannot hear me. His hand writes automatically & he stares straight ahead. I walk behind him & lean over his shoulder to read his book. But there are no words, just scribbles. Outside the window I see Jason R & Kate Mc. They are on the roof of a building opposite, dancing something like a Tango. As they turn I see that they are also staring blankly.


…back down the stairs to the club. Strobe lights render the dancing crowd into slow motion. There is no music, just the sound of footsteps on the parquet. I pass through them & go to the bar. I have some convoluted list of drinks for people, but I cannot read it. “We’re closed, anyway,” says the barman.


October 23 2018


Roy Mc is smuggling packets of incense into the country for some reason! He seems annoyed that I have noticed this, so he takes me to one side & explains how he does it. The incense sticks are hidden in rolled up sheets of music. He seems to think this is the best way to illicitly bring incense into the country. “But it’s not illegal,” I say. “Well it should be,” says Roy Mc.


October 24 2018


On a date with Hannah J. We are dancing on a huge chess board floor. Onlookers are amazed at how complicated the dance appears to be. The steps are real easy though – She whispers instructions into my ear. “Now, I’m the queen & you’re the rook.” We slide over the squares using these chess piece movements. “Now, I’m still the queen & you’re the knight.” I am laughing because it seems such a brilliant way to coordinate a dance. But, suddenly, she stops. “What’s up?” I say. “I don’t really know any other pieces,” she says.


We go to a motel & make love. The furnishings are Victorian. A table lamp lays on its side. “Pretty quirky,” she says. The light throws our shadows across the wall. We talk about the ‘magic hotspots’ of various rooms & then we get up & paint huge watercolours of towns & mountains on the walls.


Later, James D appears at the door with presents. They are wrapped in silver foil. The gifts are stones that he has picked up from the beach. He lays them out in a complicated pattern on a chessboard (??) & we begin to play a game. Each stone has a name that is printed on a label on its base. The game involves guessing the name. “It’s a game of psychometry,” he says. Hannah J takes her turn. “Jeremy?” she says. James D just shakes his head. “Isaac?” I say. “Correct,” says James D. It goes on like this for several rounds.

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