The Shale Basin.

The shape of The Shale Basin, soon to be wintered, shading the bed of the Puget Sound,   etching, at anchor, an orbit in the near-frozen water, caught between kelp and canopy of cloud.   Low, early December sunlight casting long shadows, shafting the surface; an ever-complicated dance.   Slow repetition, return and feign of … Continue reading The Shale Basin.

A dream of moth & hummingbird.

The ape awoke from a dream of moth and hummingbird. And, in his dim reality, they were as the embers, beyond the realm of his cage. He held them brief within his sad-eyed gaze, but, with breath, they were away.   The mage, shadow player & sage, seeing the ape's awake, scraped from the smelt … Continue reading A dream of moth & hummingbird.

dream diaries…46

October 25th 2018   There are 3 large oil paintings: seascapes. One is predominantly red, another is a dusky blue with great curling waves rising up to the stars. The stars slide across the wet sky. The third is mostly brown appliqué - parcel paper, layered into intricate shapes. (when i wake i am convinced … Continue reading dream diaries…46