Five Miles of Harbottle.

All Hallows’ Eve.

Harbottle is a village and civil parish in Northumberland, England.

10 miles (16 km) south-east of the Scottish border, in the southeastern part of the Cheviot Hills.9 miles northwest of Rothbury.

The village is the site of Harbottle Castle (12th century. Grid ref: NT93234796) built by order of Henry II. The site, once the largest castle in England, now in ruins, fell into Scottish/English hands over its history & during the C13th-14th underwent considerable renovations under the command of different families.

The village of Harbottle is mostly constructed from stonework taken from the ruined castle. The eventual collapse of the castle came in 16th century.

Bailey: the outer wall of a court or castle.


harbottle 1
Harbottle castle
harbottle 3harbottle 5harbottle 8harbottle 11
The Drake Stone.
[drake: drago: dragon]
Dragonstone, they called it,
Those who lived here, before the castle,
before the pennants, before
Sick children, it is said,
were carried here
& passed over the dragon’s head.
Today. Red flags fly. Fire!
In the offing,
warning signs, still.
Howitzers, hidden,
the sky


The dragon breathes.



The children

now, grown,




harbottle 4
Malcolm: ham & cheese sandwich with mayonaisse. Tea.
Spanish Iain: M&S ham & cheddar sandwiched (reduced, spectacularly, from £1.70 to 30p! – the cheese removed). Carrot. Fizzy water.
Raymond: banana. Tea.
Nick: Scone. Cold pizza (inedible). Water.
Painted lambs, blue.
harbottle 9harbottle 6harbottle 14harbottle 13harbottle 7harbottle 15

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