Sorta Alan Bennett Blues (shit haiku)

What happened to the apostrophe

in Hallowe’en? I’ve looked everywhere.

Nada. No note, nothing.

30 thoughts on “Sorta Alan Bennett Blues (shit haiku)

  1. Kate did put it in again,
    but admin took it out,
    they thought it was a typo.
    Their literacy I doubt…
    They’ve turned it upside-down,
    and spread it with the other
    commas scattered randomly
    ‘twixt newsletter’s covers.

    Your post prompted me to go and check my school newsletter item for this week – and sure enough my Hallowe’en had been reduced to Halloween. 😦

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    1. Sheer brilliance! πŸ™‚

      I’t sticks it’s foot out, in the street,
      tripping every other meaning.
      It laugh’s out loud and snigger’s, too.
      It seem’s, to have no feeling’s.

      So sad to hear about another missing apostrophe ;(

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      1. Yes, my mother in law told me a story about her demented aunt looking for her other sock and everyone looked for it, just to find out after a long time that the poor woman had put both socks on one of her feet.

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  2. I can’t help feeling sorry for the possessive pronoun — “its”.
    How unfair that the contraction of “it is” should get all the glory.
    Maybe someone should start a campaign so that “its” can reclaim it’s apostrophe.
    (There you go! I’ve set the ball rolling!)

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      1. I suspect that many of the world’s naturally occurring apostrophes have been appropriated by our local village pub. Therein is a chalk noticeboard which proudly informs that it’s (sic) evening meals can be served with pea’s, potato’s, carrot’s and all manner of vegetable’s.

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