dream diaries…59

February 6th 2019

Stuart & Claya A’s home is amazing! A tall lighthouse structure within a circle of wall. The wall is alive with ivy. There is a huge front gate, rather like a drawbridge. It is dark wood, teak, I’m told. Stuart built it all himself.

February 7th 2019

On the street of a strange town I meet David Johannson of the New York Dolls. He is selling peanuts and sandwiches from a stall. He wears a pinafore and has a large chef’s hat on. I ask him what he’s been doing for all these years. I’m curious as to how he got into retail. He takes off his hat and reveals that the skin on his head is blue. This seems to be answer enough for David J.

February 9th 2019

Nick B is collecting leaves and rubbish in the park with a spike. Horses in the distance. They are wild. They peer over the hedge and watch him work.


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