close to the aperture [window sill]

[window sill]
this window sill is crowded with
– four limes, an avocado, a tangerine, two apples, a ginger root man, a rubber egg (where did that come from?), much beachcombings, a spider plant, several books on ufos, a napoleonic toy soldier, a jar of english mustard, a bulb of garlic, a hard wood cube (dice sized) with the words ‘isis suckling horus‘ (stolen from the british museum – thank you, magic sam), a compass, a bottle of homemade sloe gin (unopened. thank you, jobs), an overripe banana, several bic lighters, a yale key (?), a pot of cinnamon powder, a porcupine quill (thank you, john, magic sam’s dad – a kind, thoughtful & present worth keeping), an egg cup bearing the legend ‘nantes’ – though i don’t recall myself or anyone i know ever visiting that city, graham haycock’s well-thumbed fingerprints of the gods, a plastic doll head, a piece of seaglass: perfectly sphered (although it may actually be a marble! – still, i found it on the longsands), a coaster with my face on it (thank you punk wayne & hannarama), an annotated programme from the first end of the road festival, a tiny, plastic figure of a boy inside a small jar,

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