Three Favourite Blogs For March!

Three sites, three bloggers that I’d like to recommend as my favourites for March. Please give them a view, a nod, a wink.

Ivor describes himself as an amateur poet from Geelong. And, by amateur, I understand him to mean in the true sense…

Amateur: 18th cent., from French, from Italian amatore, from Latin amator lover, from amare to love.

He has work published online by The Drabble, Vita Brevis & Slasher Monster, among others. He has recently self-published the latest in a fine looking line of chapbooks; his DIY ethic, to my mind, is from a pure punk rock n roll heart, and thus, highly commendable. I salute!

Don’t know how I came across the reluctant senior, but so glad i have! He is publishing unfolding chapters from his memoir, ‘The Imperfect Logic of The Heart’ on WP.

Two things struck me immediately… his written voice is very powerful and a joy to read. If you are a fan of first class rock n roll writing – and by this I mean Greil Marcus, Tom Wolfe, Robert Greenfield, Nick Kent, the New Journalism, then the writing here is for you. Also, as first-hand study and detailed reportage & document of late nineteen sixties urban americana, it is, so far, a real treat. I have only read the first few chapters as RS releases them, but I’m hooked.

The second great thing is the inclusion of the original, handwritten notes/diaries/stories/etc… ace & proper.

Personally, I like to read RS soundtracked by Blood On The Tracks, Horses, Exile On Main Street, Ladies Of The Canyon, Axis Bold As Love, A Love Supreme & Astral Weeks. You will find your own.

The Imperfect Logic of The Heart is tagged as a memoir, but reads as a great American novel. It is available at Amazon.

1,000,000 photographs… this is a truly gargantuan project – Liz is documenting the world around her in images. The imagery is startling, both everyday & out of the ordinary, & focuses on both the panoramic & the detailed. I follow with interest. So far, we are at around 3300. Onwards!



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