dream diaries…66

May 31st 2019

‘The Dudes’ decide to throw a summer garden party. It has a Japanese theme. It is a walled garden with a wooden gate. The hedgerows are hung with paper lanterns. Paper dragons kite from hedges & trees. Pretty flowers border the neat lawns; they bob in the breeze.


I am sat in an outdoor toilet (the kind that is found at a festival; a portaloo). Graham T appears at the door – the door is unlocked. He apologises and closes the door again.


Back in the garden a fanfare begins – all trumpets and horns and drums. A woman appears at the gate. She is a special guest. She looks like Candé S or Dominique R, or someone that I knew at the turn of the century. She is dressed for a party. Everyone cheers when she appears, and she pulls a face of mock surprise.


June 1st 2019

Scottish Kenny is happy. His happiness spreads across the room and affects all within it. It is palpable: a glow of blue and yellow.


June 8th 2019

The narrower the road/the broader the travel.

I am amused to find that the country estate house at the end of the gravelled driveway is actually divided up into rather quaint studio flats. This joyful feeling is further enhanced  by the miniature animal mannequins that double as security cameras! The mechanised creatures circle the rooms on a tiny track secreted within the picture rail, and include an elephant and hippopotamus! I decide to come back later with the intention of renting a flat. On the coach I notice that the countryside beyond the hedgerow is populated by mechanical cattle!




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