If You See Her Say Hello.

if you see her, say hello (dylan) cassettes

Rising early from their bed, in the stillness of the orange room, the grate ash glowing, a blade of winter sun slashing the thin-curtain (and falling across the boards and the giveaway upright slouched by the wall, honkytonk), she dressed, humming a vague tune, in the mirror. 

Cotton, corduroy, cotton again (with sunflower print). Nylon mauved her legs. She scarved her hair with a rag from a silk collection she kept in the unpainted dresser; pinned a fringe into the shape of a wave or a kiss. Pursed, pale lips. Pearl necklace. Planted herself in soil-blown shoes, leather, but not the laces they came with, and left.

37 thoughts on “If You See Her Say Hello.

  1. Lovely to hear you sing Dylan – sets of the mood of your poem perfectly. There are poets who lean more towards the visual arts in their poetry, others who lean more towards music, but your poetry incorporates both.

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  2. I listened first to the song, Nick, before I read the post and it worked like magic. Like I wasn’t surprised but hugely curious. An unheld aftermath that is still with me two hours later. Thank you!

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  3. “Planted herself in soil-blown shoes, leather, but not the laces they came with, and left.” Tingles!!! Freaking out!!! Gorgeous line! Torn between envy and swooning! :)) Divine. (Fainty emoji) :))

    Then, the music is surreal beautiful… never heard that song before, or maybe not like that.

    And the artwork. It’s just gorgeous. Gahhhh!!!!

    How the heck do you do this all so well??

    (The silent answer, blowing in the wind, comes to me in the form of a beatnik’s response to a random passerby asking, “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” :))

    Anyway, love. xoxo

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  4. It was good to hear another recording from you–and it went so well with the poem, which is absolutely exquisite. This line went straight into my favorite metaphor/simile folder: “a blade of winter sun slashing the thin-curtain.”

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