dream diaries…14

October 5th 2016 (Dairy Cottage)


A house, a very cluttered house. To move through it I have to squeeze sideways between towers of boxes & piles of clothes. I have a glass & a piece of card to collect spiders with. The spiders are everywhere & of many different sizes & colours. I can hear The L family making dinner in the kitchen. Here is a white spider. A huge, white spider! It hangs from a web of spittle near the fireplace. It is disgusting! I search for some scissors to cut it down. But, when I draw closer to it I can see that it is a plastic spider that Joanne L has left to trick me! Someone shouts, “Dinner’s ready!” I make my way along the boxy corridor toward the kitchen. “Cluttered homes,” I say. “How rude!” says Alice J. But we both laugh anyway.


Alice J & I are outside on the street. We are looking for somewhere to buy some drinks for dinner. We sing a made-up song, cupping our ears, as we walk along. It is fun. I buy six beers & a jug of Sangria from a tiny shop & we start to go back to the cluttered house. There is a table in the street. It is laid for dinner. A dinner party is in full swing. As we pass, I notice that Nick B & Trevor F are among the guests. I wave & smile.


Sex in a car on a rainy, dark street.


Standing at Weymouth harbour with Jayne L. The sea foams white. The wave are so huge as they smash into the rocks that the birds nesting there are swept away. A man in a wet suit also gets sucked out to sea. We are leaning against the railings watching the sea. The railings are painted white & they are loose. I wander off a little way to take a photo of Jayne, but when I turn around she has disappeared. I run to the railings & look own into the sea. Suddenly, she appears from behind me, smiling.


October 6th 2016


The past, the present & the future are all combined {as always, naturally}.

I am running in a marathon. All the traffic in London has been stopped to allow the race to go by. A vast crowd of us are running over Tower Bridge. Tabards & vests & shorts & shoes flash in the sunlight in slow motion. Smiling, hot, flushed faces. I notice that we are in Kensington now & I’m surprised to find that the indoor market has survived after all these years. I drop out of the race & go in.

Kensington Market is busy. I rummage around the stalls & tabletops. Jayne, Jacquie & Judith L have a stall here. It makes total sense. They are dressed more like rockabillies. Judith is a mixture of herself & Collette (from 1983). They all sport Victory rolls smoke cigarettes. I have an old fashioned box camera & I start to take photographs of the three of them. Each photo is taken twice; once in colour, once in monochrome; once, natural, once, posed.


A film crew arrive & begin to interview Judith/Collette. The interviewer is Vicky W. I pack my camera away & go upstairs.


October 8th 2016

Jayne L & I are sat in a garden. It is night time & a party is in full swing. Fairylights drape from the trees & everything sparkles. Voices call out. “Happy New Year!” Suddenly a beige Mini comes up the street. I can see the roof of it over the garden wall. It is going too fast! There is a screeching noise & the car comes smashing through the wall & into the garden. It knocks down people like skittles & continues to drive, slowly now, over the bodies on the ground. Jayne & I try to get up, but the car passes over us (I am very conscious of this – of the weight of the vehicle, the panic). The car stops. We are beneath it. The underside is black & hot. We crawl out from under the car. A crowd of partygoers have surrounded it & are shouting & banging angrily on the windows & roof. One man pulls the passenger door open, but it is pulled closed again from inside. Eventually, the driver door opens & out climbs Angela D. She is followed by Chaz Mc. Both are very drunk. CM carries a wire shopping basket filled with cans of beer. Everyone is shouting at them & pulling at their clothes, but they don’t seem to care (or understand) about what they have done. They shrug off the pawing hands & disappear through the crowd to find the party. Jayne & I limp off through the crowd, too. We are covered in huge flesh wounds & bruises & scratches. A tyre black mark straps Jayne’s back.


We limp away through the party. It is now a lot larger than we imagined  more like a festival. We pass a stall. It is run by Eddie Izzard. He shouts bingo numbers. Tom S wins a piece of rubbish jewelry, but as Izzard tries to hang it around his neck, like a (silver) medal, TS pushes him away saying that he doesn’t want it.


I begin to notice that lots of people are wearing similar pieces of the prize-winning rubbish jewelry that Izzard was trying to present TS with. A group of young girls hold up their ‘medals’, “Rubbish rubic! Rubbish rubic!” they call out, like marketstall holders.


Someone taps me on the shoulder. It is Angela D & CM. “How funny to see you,” says AD. They still seem not to care about what they have done. I am angry with them & walk away. “Where are you going?” “Home!” They follow me through the crowd. “Please don’t go to the police,” says CM. He is suddenly panicked. My body is so sore & battered from the car crash that I decide that I should go to the hospital. How do I get out of this place? I walk up & down grassy alleyways that lead nowhere. Jayne has disappeared. I slide down grass banks only to find another alleyway. I cannot seem to lose AD & CM. They are behind me, whispering. “Please don’t. Please!” Eventually, AD grabs my wrists & begs me not to go to the police. I look up & there is Philip A watching from a second floor window of a building. “Are you OK?” he asks.




One thought on “dream diaries…14

  1. First part reminded me of that time in Monahan Avenue? You were babysitting me and in a sort or closet area/downstairs toilet there was a huge spider in a shoe. It looked like it had a sticky back and spots.

    I think about another time, same room. Mum and a friend? are hoovering lots of spiders or daddy longlegs up; they seem to be everywhere. … or maybe this was a dream? 🙂


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