dream diaries…110


Joe K from the old days turns up and I can’t help but wonder how I’d never noticed that his name has an echo of Kafka about it – which is interesting to me now as he rolls up his trouser leg to show an electronic tag attached there. He says he’s mystified as to the hows and whys of this device. He suspects that his brother has something to do with it and I am in accordance with his suspicion; particularly as his brother can be heard sniggering somewhere close by.


The cupboard downstairs is far bigger than I remember. Also, there is a wonderful model train set in there that runs around the walls, climbing higher in concentric circles, on a ledge. The cupboard is painted as a forest and, here and there, holes have been spooned from the plaster and (tiny Swiss) chalets can be seen within.

27.01.22 (Dairy Cottage)

A rail gang are working on the tracks late into the night. They sing beautiful songs beneath arc lights (and I wonder if I am dreaming as the lights play off the walls and ceiling) as they hammer the iron rails. The rails ring and slowly the work gang passes down the line toward Caterham.

5 thoughts on “dream diaries…110

      1. The most recent dream I remember was going to the house of a blogger I follow (whom I’ve never met) and driving with her to a hospital to try to find a speech pathologist. It was very strange.

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