Pond Wader.

birmingham hummingbird - (alabaman breeze): night-flyer.   The reeve of the ruff is a pond wader.   sky/w/riter.       John Gordon (1890-1974): editor-in-chief of the Sunday Express, 1928-1952. 'As a junior reporter he took carrier pigeons to football games to ensure the results were reported quickly. (Gordon) introduced the first crossword puzzles and features on … Continue reading Pond Wader.

a continuous slide.

behind a bending fence, bowed and ivy veined, the sad garden grows, unbound, around your father's house.   the vicar passes an envelope to you, pencilled with the word - piano - and begins to play something glissando.   where flowers grew, fingers potted. ashes into earth and creasing paper: john 6: 1 - 14, we listened … Continue reading a continuous slide.

Saints of The English Year – St. Patrick

March 17th Saint Patrick (c.390-c461), the patron saint of Ireland, is enthusiastically celebrated wherever Irish people have settled. He was formally famous all over the English-speaking world for bringing Christianity to Ireland, although the heroic, almost single-handed nature of his ministry has been greatly exaggerated and his two most famous exploits - banning all snakes … Continue reading Saints of The English Year – St. Patrick