hescho peech

I took my pen from a pocket and, for no reason that I could comprehend, blacked out several letters in the headings and, with not a notion of Situationist or cut-up theory, but with an urgent and divine energy, The School Speech became he Scho peech, which, in turn, instinctively, could not become anything but … Continue reading hescho peech

Beneath Wrought Iron Ribs.

Beneath wrought iron ribs, Central Station resounds with arrival, with departure. The arch of her lip, her wrist, her notation; these words mark a nascent adventure. * Resounds with arrival, with departure announcement - Newcastle, Durham, Carlisle. These words mark a nascent adventure - candle, cathedral, centurion - beguile. * Announcement - Newcastle, Durham, Carlisle. … Continue reading Beneath Wrought Iron Ribs.

Between two wind-blown trees.

She sheltered her sheets between two wind-blown trees; a worn linden and a sapling juniper. She wrote out her year beneath their dappled leaves, considering the worth of the words on the paper. * A worn linden and a sapling juniper; both told their own long-sown tales and, considering the worth of the words on … Continue reading Between two wind-blown trees.

The Empty Benches.

The dogs, marking sand with brief print, ancient scratch-language, lengthen and, boundless, plunge at the cones of surf, smashing them, barking. * A lone figure travails the blown beach. He drags a suitcase. He looks up from his feet and seems surprised to find another living here and, as we pass, I see that the … Continue reading The Empty Benches.

The Village Collegiate Xmas Do.

‘The Village Collegiate Xmas Do Will be held this year in the Bingo Hall. Festivities will commence at half two On Black Eye Friday – come dressed for a brawl.’ * The sign on the wall of the faculty was surprising to see to say the least - last year’s do ending so tragically with … Continue reading The Village Collegiate Xmas Do.

The Archer’s Postcard.

i. The storm debris of yesterday draws a leitmotif of poems from the ordinary eddies on the stream. Beneath Newcastle Christmas lights, a confederacy of dreamers breeze the streets of King and Queen. * There is also synchronicity - this being the eve of Saint Nicholas ('... archers and repentant thieves') - I see one … Continue reading The Archer’s Postcard.