Saints of The English Year – St. Patrick

March 17th Saint Patrick (c.390-c461), the patron saint of Ireland, is enthusiastically celebrated wherever Irish people have settled. He was formally famous all over the English-speaking world for bringing Christianity to Ireland, although the heroic, almost single-handed nature of his ministry has been greatly exaggerated and his two most famous exploits - banning all snakes … Continue reading Saints of The English Year – St. Patrick

paperback rabbits.

he set a tarpaulin beneath two shadowed trees and spread his proceeds all around. he sat in the sand & handed out sheaves & read out the names of the things he had found.   he promised attainment, elopement & seed, proffered score journals to prove he was sound. pulled paperback rabbits from warrens of … Continue reading paperback rabbits.

Flamingoes & Trampoline.

in the narrow back yard of sixty-four can be found a kind of life - some of it is wild. a picture frame to step through. a meridian. reality is such a simple trick, it imbues this view with - what? i wash the cutlery. watch rain-streaked glass. frame within frame over concrete yard. every word from … Continue reading Flamingoes & Trampoline.

Five Miles of South Middleton (30/01/19)

55.145° N  1.912° W The distant bleed of hills become cloud-head. the middle ground, iced-water, blurs, becomes glass-eye, blind. Echoes of Jericho: horn blast! There is snow on the highbrow, roadkill show.   He tells the tale of a lucid Bigfoot hunter, camped at Powburn, striking bark, shaking trees of leaves in early autumn. Stack. … Continue reading Five Miles of South Middleton (30/01/19)