Old Vinyl & UFO Kids

Old Vinyl & UFO Kids was recorded at home on a TEAC 2550 1/4" four track machine over the easter of 2004. cassettes' first album is fifteen years old this month. It was the result of a particularly purple patch of writing & though I only play it once a year, still delights. Sometimes (& … Continue reading Old Vinyl & UFO Kids

Some hems, some hums, some uh-huhs.

They sat around in the low light and the blue smoke of the room and after a while he picked up a guitar and started to strum some rudimentary chords, plucking triads and tripping harmonics and, believing he was, of a sudden, some rough blues man, he began to throw in some hems, some hums, … Continue reading Some hems, some hums, some uh-huhs.

Saints of The English Year – St. Patrick

March 17th Saint Patrick (c.390-c461), the patron saint of Ireland, is enthusiastically celebrated wherever Irish people have settled. He was formally famous all over the English-speaking world for bringing Christianity to Ireland, although the heroic, almost single-handed nature of his ministry has been greatly exaggerated and his two most famous exploits - banning all snakes … Continue reading Saints of The English Year – St. Patrick