Unable to sleep…

He took a knuckle of tobacco –

naked but for a blanket cloak –

in the moonlight of the kitchen,

smoked a length of cigarette.

He drank a cup of tea.


He drank a cup of tea –

rolled another cigarette –

on the pre dawn carpet shapes

the birdsong calling from the shadow.

The radio is too quiet.


The radio is too quiet –

the ashtray brims with slim pickings –

the oblong window of curtained morning,

naked but for a blanket cloak,

he drank a cup of tea…




17 thoughts on “Unable to sleep…

  1. This gives that very relatable feeling of the still and quiet of the night. “The birdsong calling through the shadows” – that is so so beautiful. Maybe it’s just my own current mood but for some reason that brings such a pang of emotion… I imagine that sound as haunting but also feeling like a hand extended in a moment that it’s needed. The marking of dawn on a sleepless night, somewhat bittersweet, but hopeful nonetheless. I don’t know, this struck a chord for me. I often can’t sleep, and get up and drink tea. I relate to this scene you’ve described.

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    1. Despite the streets, the beach, the town, being quiet during daylight these strange days, I find that I have gravitated toward the night to write – under the impression that it is the quieter time, which it actually is – but also it does have a magic, more so now as the luxury of keeping our own hours has been allowed.

      Thank you, Rachel IM&O.
      Stay ace x

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      1. Ha! Busted! 🙂 Well, it’s a complicated time, isn’t it, Rachel. Maybe one rolls into the other or something. I’m not so sure anymore.

        Have a good day/good night x

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