dream diaries…3

Crystal Palace. December 8th 2014.

Philip A. has a new idea. He’s full of them! He has a job as an usher at a small cinema. However, in true Philip A. style, he tells everyone that he owns the cinema. Late at night when the films have finished & all the staff have gone home, he returns with his girlfriend & conducts ‘film tours’ around the cinema. Visitors are invited, at a cost of course, to wander round the building, watch films & look at movie paraphenalia. As an extra to all of this all the guests get to sleep with his girlfriend. In return, he will sleep with your partner! He is trying hard to convince me to take one of his tours. “I’d rather stick pins in my eyes,” I tell him. He finds this difficult to comprehend.

Paul B. has a scam he is running. He has found a way to get people to give him £1000 as an investment. He collects the money on a weekly basis. It amounts, he tells me, to £10,000 every week! However, he is becoming a little nervous that he will be found out as there is no actual ‘investment.’ He hides all the takings in a pipe at the back of the laundrette.

December 9th 2014.

“Reverential Anarchy.” – Tom K. is in a crowd at a gig in a small venue. He wears a white & billowing shirt. The band invite members of the audience onto the stage to try out an instrument. Tom climbs up onto the stage & takes up an electric guitar. He is brilliant! So much so that the energy & electricity is palpable in the air. Sparks begin to fly from everyone’s head & connect in the room becoming a network of blue shards of light.

December 10th 2014.

Kate Mc. is stood on the harbour wall. She is waiting for a haircut.

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