dream diaries…4

Crystal Palace.

January 17th 2014.

It is a Wickerman world. I’m in a bar made of pallets. It is busy & everyone is a local except me. I am nervous of being discovered to be ‘an outsider.’ People sit around tables playing board games, lotteries & cards. I hide some playing cards beneath a beer mat. When I look up the barman is watching me from across the room. He has ‘hot’ eyes & I find myself hypnotised by his stare. When I break free of the spell I look around me & everyone is dancing. It is a jig or a reel. I am stood in the middle of it all. A table of judges mark sheets of paper. I must make my escape.

Now, I am in a country lane. There are woods on either side. The lane diminishes to a path. The path becomes more & more overgrown. I push the branches & bushes aside as I carry on down the path. I am aware that there is someone at my side (possibly Peter L.). I say to him, “It is like Planet of The Apes!” He laughs & agrees. The pathway opens up into a clearing. Sean G. is here. He is building a log cabin. He introduces me to his daughter – she has large, soft eyes; kind eyes. Sean welcomes me & asks me where my bag is. I remember that I did have a bag at some point, but now it is gone. I tell him that I left it in the bar earlier. This seems to worry Sean G. I tell him not to worry as it was only filled with potatoes. As I’m saying this I remember that there was also a large chocolate cake in there, too. I tell Sean. He says, “Oh, that’s a shame. Everyone needs a present.”

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