dream diaries…7

April 14th 2016 / Mill Dam.

I wake up one morning & go into the kitchen. The kittens have arrived! How tiny they are! They are small enough to be sleeping inside a paper cup! I look inside & they wake up. They are standing on their rear legs, stretching up the side of the cup!

April 15th 2016

While eating my meal I notice something move on the plate. I look closer. What I fear might be a maggot is actually a tiny animal – a miniature coypu! I look around on the table for something to save it on to. But, when I turn back, a kitten (again??) has climbed onto the table & is sniffing at the tiny coypu. Before I can shoo it away it eats the coypu in one mouthful! Lids is angry. “You have ruined Christmas,” she says.

April 16th 2016

Kate Mc has a retrospective of her artwork exhibiting in Bath in September. She will be showing photographs, ‘shadow prints’ & her collection of ‘found objects’. I am lucky enough to have had an early viewing.

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