dream diaries…9

June 29th 2014 (Crystal Palace)

It is the past. Night time. I am walking up Charmouth High Street with two older boys. They are mean. One of them scoops some soil from the roadside & places it into the palm of my hand. He tells me to rub my hands together – which I do. When I open my hands there is a worm sticking out of the soil. I pull it out & throw it away. The boys find this most amusing.

July 3rd 2014 (Kimpton Park)

Jayne L & I are packing up all our stuff. We are happy. We are making a pyramid of possessions on a rug. When it is done we roll it all up. As we about to leave, I find my i-pad in a cupboard & (carelessly) throw it toward a bag being used for last minute things. The i-pad sails across the room & smashes tiny into pieces against the wall. I cannot believe my stupidity (or my own strength!). I wonder, if I collect all the pieces together, perhaps George N-X would be able to fix it for me? As we search around on the floorboards for all the pieces, I say, quite distinctly, “…This is all a dream.”

…I look around as I say this & now we are in a field. Everything is coloured & illustrated as if it were a Van Gogh painting! It is a yellow field. Several crows fly overhead & I say, “Oh, it’s not a dream!”

July 4th 2014.

I can hear John Peel’s voice. He is talking through the Festive Fifty (radio show). It is 1976. He talks so much that there is no time to play the records! Suddenly it is 1977.


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