dream diaries…22

July 29th 2016 (South Shields).


London is busy. Busy & hot. Walking around Covent Garden with Jayne L & Zac W. We take a tube out to Ongar. Ongar is quieter. It has an old fashioned feel to it. Mike B is skateboarding up & down the high street. He rides in the road as there are no cars in Ongar.


Now we are in Greenwich. I can see the masts of the Cutty Sark in the distance. They stand above the roof tops. Jayne L has some business with a solicitor here. When we go into the building I am surprised to find that Hannah W (from university) is the receptionist. She does not remember me. But, when she speaks with Jayne it is as if they are old friends. I find this very strange. HW opens a drawer on her desk & puts on a legal wig. She adjusts it on her head. “Hello,” I say. “It’s Nick.” She ignores me. A man comes in from another room. He is in charge here. “Is there a problem?” “I am only saying hello,” I say. Everyone looks at me. “Do you still see Kate M?” I ask Hannah W. “This is unacceptable,” says the manager. He calls security & I am shown the door. ZW waits outside. He is smoking & leans against a wall. “Bloody idiots,” he says.


July 30th 2016.


George NX has had his haircut. It is a really bad cut! It is also canary yellow! I quite like it!


July 31st 2016.


Someone has painted the front of the house blue. “It was always white,” says John, my neighbour, when I mention it to him. John is blind & rather than tell him he is wrong – that it was green –  I ask him how he knows that it was white. “Because I painted it,” he says. I try to find the logic behind this statement.






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