The Wronged Tree.

The back lane, this new-year dawn, is littered, bleakly – tumbled bins, spent bottles, knuckled tabs, sodden boxes; hound shites, plastic wraps, a quilted headboard, yellowed hand towel; wrapping-paper tumbleweeds troubling parked cars; a bloody gown of herring gull (gutting something); and the last, the very last, or the first, Christmas tree, skulking and skittling on the breeze.

This tree (bell-shaped, truncated; skeletal, ugly) thing, appeared to be quite drunk, so I stepped aside as it careered from car to car, rolling among the debris. It cowered in the shadows, hid beneath windows, trying not to be seen.

But I seen it.

Some tines of tinsel, still spangling, were hanging from it. “Tinsel! In January!” I screamed into the glass of a vehicle, in the hubcap of the same, in the eye of a seagull, pitching from its ribboned cage: “Tinsel! I seen it!”

I nearly chased that dreadful tree. But, mostly I just barked (not barking, per se; cleared my throat, so to speak). I hoy’d a thumb at it though, and took a toe to it, too, and I slung a bottle of spent gin after it, that glanced off a wall, off a bonnet, off a wing and shattered, like magic, right next to it; sounding not unlike an axe strike. The cobbles sparkled.

I wronged it with, “Ho’way, foul tree!”

And that is the last I hope to see of it.


20 thoughts on “The Wronged Tree.

  1. “It cowered in the shadows, hid beneath windows, trying not to be seen.

    But I seen it.”

    I laughed and it sounded like a bark. Spending too much time with the dog. Twelfth Night, Nick, may the kings keep you wise and well

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  2. Fantastic, Nick! An entertaining journey. You also have a way of turning a list of mundane objects into an interesting read. You reminded me of a time in middle school when a friend of mine dragged a discarded, but partially decorated tree, to school and set it up in the outdoor locker cage. Kids could never get away with that these days. The good old days. 😆

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    1. You got to love a list, Michele 🙂

      I suspect that the character in the back lane would applaud your middle school friend’s incarceration of the tree! “Try’na bring their old time joy round ‘ere, all twenty-twenty, like. I seen it.”

      Thank you.

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