dream diaries…24

August 19th 2018 (Edwards Road)


Don’t ask me how, but by hacking into Alice J’s boyfriend’s Facebook account it is possible to travel back in time! I’m not sure how I discover this, but once I do I try it on a regular basis! It is quite thrilling – although nervewracking to do as I don’t want to be discovered using someone else’s social media. Also, the potential harm that time travel may cause to others is something of a worry. Yeah, the usual concerns of time travel capers!


August 20th 2018


Sean G, Kenny L, myself & almost 30 others decide to get a band together. There is a paid gig in 30 days. We just have to decide what songs to learn & also who will play on which ones, et cetera. We begin rehearsing in a vast, well-lit barn. It soon starts to sound quite good. There are a cappella sections, solos, mass instrumental pieces involved. It sounds like a raw melding of early Van Morrison, The Band & The Waterboys.


August 21st 2018


Ray S advises more gambling. He passes handfuls of notes from beyond the grave. A cashier takes them.

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