dream diaries…26

February 2nd 2014 (Wallington)


Leselie R & Sarah M have been secretly rehearsing a dance routine. They arrive at the party dressed in identical red boiler suits & begin a complicated routine. The crowd parts for them & everyone starts to cheer. The tune is from the 1980s. After a shaky start they fall into sync. It is a great dance! Someone says into my ear, “Practice makes perfect.” I agree.


February 3rd 2014


Carl (owner of Rock Bottom music shop) has a new band. I pop down to their rehearsal room in the basement of the shop to listen to them. They are very good. When I come back outside I am surprised to find that I am not in west Croydon but on a beach. Carl explains that he moved the shop from there to the seaside as it would be a better location (for writing songs). The thing is that he has literally moved the whole shop piecemeal to the beach! It has not fared well! It has all been reconstructed in a very random way: the roof no longer fits, the walls are held upright with scaffold poles, etc. The waves lap at the side of the building. He walks me round the property & we joke & chat among the ruins.


February 4th 2014


Scrolling through a calendar on a wall: marriages, meetings, menus, mishaps, murder! (all in alphabetical order).

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