the 4th eclectic reader

the fourth eclectic reader

renders stories of nantucket whalers.

i didn’t buy a copy,

i stole one from my teacher

and i kept it in my blazer.


‘from new bedford sound,

pacific bound,

they were gone for several winters.’


round the cape of good hope,

peru and argentina…

now, crossing the equator.

i wished she’d come with me.

trade fireside for frozen ocean.

but love changes, with tide, with season;

and absence, i read, makes hearts grow fonder.

6 thoughts on “the 4th eclectic reader

  1. I especially appreciated your words: “wish she’d come with me. trade fireside for frozen ocean.” The idea of location and association with comfort/safety (fire) and exploration/risk(frozen ocean) came through brilliantly. We want both, sometimes at the same time.

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  2. In South Africa they have an expression ‘sjoe’ which isn’t quite shoo – it lifts at the end. It expresses so much – surprise, enjoyment, appreciation, wow, fucking brilliant. Sjoe to this piece, Nick.

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