dream diaries…36

September 13th 2018.


Walking around a charity shop in a strange town. I have a copy of Hammer of The Gods, the Led Zeppelin book, in my back pocket. I’m about 3/4 of the way through it.


September 14th 2018.


Philip A is angry. Angry at the world. Angry at himself. He is bemoaning all the details that don’t need bemoaning.


September 15th 2018.


On a walking holiday with Jayne L in Northumberland. We visit the gift shop & JL buys an expensive bottle of local wine. She then buys another & presents it to the shopkeeper. He is very pleased with this & raising a glass, says, “Here’s to me!”

I wander around the shop. There are many walking sticks for sale. I try & decide on one to buy for dad, but cannot find one the ‘right size’. I never realised that sticks could be so tricky!

A boy sits in the corner of the shop. He is reading a book. ‘Songs By The Fireside’ by William Blake. He reads a passage about a nun out loud to me. “This is wrong,” he says. He reads it again & I see now that the gender is all wrong: the nun is referred to as ‘he.’

“It’s an obvious mistake,” I say.





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