The Pirate Party.

There aren't so many pirates at the pirate party. Mostly, it's just people at a party. Dizzy, though, who I haven't seen since Lemons, him and me spent that week in Cornwall, is stood at the window, staring at the sea. He has a blackjoke, plastic pirate patch over one eye. It has a skull … Continue reading The Pirate Party.

… electric! Flicker!

Some seven score and several more miles from the clay-blue lias and freckled-gorse of linty shores this very evening, in my gut, I sense the push and the pull of her greasy tide. Psychic fingertips! Intuitive!   In your town, I'm grounded; hopeless streets divide, not rivers in torrential flow, but stagnant fossil fuel & … Continue reading … electric! Flicker!