dream diaries…46

October 25th 2018


There are 3 large oil paintings: seascapes. One is predominantly red, another is a dusky blue with great curling waves rising up to the stars. The stars slide across the wet sky. The third is mostly brown appliqué – parcel paper, layered into intricate shapes.

(when i wake i am convinced that they are waiting to be hung in the other room!)


October 26th 2018


Foreign travels on a train. The ticket collector comes along the aisle. When I show him my ticket, he says, “What luxurious paper!” It is a pleasant journey through a strange country. Great expanses of yellow fields, radio towers & vast lakes: a world viewed through glass. Someone, in the seat behind me, whispers, “Oh, he’s new.”

I wonder if they mean me or the ticket collector.


October 27th 2018


A blue dress.

Blue bottles of water.

All products are blue.

Running through a version of Bath with Danny B. The Bell on Walcott Street. A woman in the window waves at us as pass.





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