dream diaries… 49

November 17 2018 (Whitley Bay)


A roadtrip at dawn. Long shadows of cactii & rocks.

Sat in the passenger seat of a blue Lincoln, speeding across the desert.

My legs are stretched out in the footwell. My boots are dusty.

The dust from the road blows up & over the windscreen.

Tuning in the radio. It is static. So I start humming.


November 18 2018


A written exam. All around me in the large hall there is the whirr of pencil on paper. I have finished, so I lay my head on the stack of paper on my desk & rest. There is a window at the far end of the hall. I am watching the leaves falling from the trees. They blow around on the breeze. The sky is orange & yellow & blue.


November 19 2018


James Lavelle releases a 7″ single on Mo Wax. The postman delivers it to my door. I have to sign for it. There is a tiny message written into the run-out groove. I hold the vinyl up to the light in the kitchen, turning the record this way & that, trying to catch the words in the light.

Laughing – because I’d forgotten all about messages written in run-out grooves. What a great way to correspond!

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