Five Miles of South Middleton (30/01/19)

20190130_16451920190130_16442655.145° N  1.912° W

The distant bleed of hills become cloud-head.

the middle ground, iced-water, blurs, becomes

glass-eye, blind. Echoes of Jericho: horn blast!

There is snow on the highbrow, roadkill show.


He tells the tale of a lucid Bigfoot hunter, camped

at Powburn, striking bark, shaking trees of leaves

in early autumn. Stack. Smote trees at the roadside.

Fingered rings, cloud of umber; waxwing, sap.


lunch boxes

Malcolm: Cranston sausage. Hard-boiled egg. Tea.

Raymond: Un-iced fruit cake. Sweet, black tea.

Nick: Cornbeef sandwich. Scotch egg. Tea.



º we tea drinkers.


trouble with gophers

m. visited, once, Californian uncle.

beyond the facial tics – nothing.

but a petrol lawnmower, ‘little hitler’

daubed in emulsion on the tank

catches his eye.


all photos nickreeves

northumbria january 2019


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