Five Miles of Lambley.

Lambley Viaduct Grid Ref: NY675584.


Nine elegant stone arches span the South Tyne just north of Lambley. The viaduct, designed by Sir George Barclay Bruce and built in 1852, rises above great firs and granite boulders on the steep banks and stretches 850 feet across the quiet river. It stands at 108 feet and originally carried coal and lead from the mines between Alston and Haltwhistle.


Although the railway closed in 1976, the bridge remains open to walkers.



lunch boxes.

Spanish Ian – A carrot “from Spain.” Sparkling water diffused with lemon and lime. “All from Spain?” – “Jesmond, actually.”

Raymond – Sweet, black tea. “Buddhist as fuck.” – “Naturally,” he says.

Malcolm – A Cranston sausage. A cheese salad. Tea. “Anyone care for a sausage?” He offers the Tupperware as if it contains Cuban cigars…

Nick – Scrambled egg toasted sandwich. Cranston sausage. Tea.


2 thoughts on “Five Miles of Lambley.

    1. Life, the world, must’ve seemed so vibrant, so modern to rich and poor Victorians at that mid century mark: Great Exhibition, iron ships, steam trains, empire, architecture. Stephenson, Dickens, Smeaton, Brunel.
      G.B.Bruce was 31 when he designed Lambley; unbelievable!

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