Russian Cake Today.

I drank Christmas tea this evening and it made me smile. A cinnamoned and gap toothed  smile in summertime. I wondered, at the window of an old man, would the stars still be burning in fifty years time? And would there be Russian cake today, as advertised on a chalk sign in the town.

6 thoughts on “Russian Cake Today.

    1. Hey, Lorraine. The message, chalked on a board outside a bakery-cum-tea shop in Penn Beacon, perhaps can be found in front of other bakery-cum-tea shops in any number of towns. Unsold, day-old cakes are kneaded into a new shape and soaked in alcohol and resold as Russian cake. Often, such cake is preferable to the original. Thank you for reading me and for your kind words. I hope this finds you well.

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      1. Hi Nick. Those cakes sound rather good. Soaked in alcohol eh? Wow! I’d better be there! I love tea shops actually. Thanks for reading me too. Yes I am well thankyou, and I hope you are too. Raining cats and dogs this evening, but as I love rain I hope to be going out in it!

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  1. the stars will blaze out eventually to make room for new stars unless the the black hole gets them ,,, i think i had one slice too many… great vignette i close my eyes see the surroundings and smell the spices the warmth of the tea on my lips excellent 🙂


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