dream diaries… 74

November 5th 2019.

Someone advises –

‘Try the trick of placing a folded sheet of blank paper in front of the monitor. It really works!’


November 6th 2019.

In a queue at the bank. Eventually a window is free for me. I walk the vast distance across the room toward the teller. I exchange a bag of coins for paper money and I am surprised, confused and delighted to find that the notes have my name in tiny print in the corner of the reverse side of them. The teller says, “aren’t you lucky.” He stretches an elastic band around the stack before sliding it beneath the window toward me. I search my pockets for more loose coins and give them over, too. The notes are unusual and convoluted in design. On the way out of the bank I see Leslie R. He is dressed in his post office uniform. I show him the notes and he laughs kindly. Behind him Olivia A appears. Her shirt is unbuttoned and her skin is tanned. On one of her breasts is a list of her previous lovers tattooed in neat black ink. The list extends over her shape and down her ribcage. As she passes, she winks at me.


November 7th 2019.

George N-X is taking everyone that ever worked at The End out for a Christmas party. He is so generous! The bus that he has hired is packed. He drives the bus from place to place, stopping at many addresses as he tries to raise the money from his friends and acquaintances to pay for such an extravaganza. The journey takes forever! I am sat next to Graham T and Jackie S. They are excited, as am I. But I begin to wonder how long it will all take. “It’s more likely to be an Easter party,” I say.

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