Jam jar diorama.

I inherited a bag of little people the height of postage stamps. I kept them in a drawer for a half life. I figured one day I might need an army. January 2020 I started saving empty glass jars. I wasn’t sure what for. But one day I decided to populate these jars. Isolating little people.

An experiment.

I want to return stones I’ve picked up, put them back in the sea. Twist wire.

Cut up and rough up rugs for scrub. Dome wasn’t built in a day.

I built a scratch billboard from card and sandpaper, from incense sticks and

ripped up magazines!

The little people come from under the dome (the light has been crappy today). They are more photogenic, happier; healthier in the outside air. As long as they don’t breathe it.



15 thoughts on “Jam jar diorama.

    1. 🙂 If only!

      To be honest, the full size is smaller than the depicted, Liz! The full size is on the mantelpiece at home. The illusion is helped by the apparent population and the photo of Charmouth beach in the background. x

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