November Beckons

Yesterday, a photograph - acorns, on a table, jarred - appeared before me. Curiously, the reverse revealed a label, written; sinistral, spectral; snared within open quote marks, reckoning October, nineteen ninety-five. . Inclining from the past to present, the ink, faded and reminiscent of early morning light as this November beckons, reminding me that memory … Continue reading November Beckons

Cassettes Live @ Three Tanners Bank — Experiments in Fiction

First time back out in a while at the cool 3 Tanners Bank in North Shields where I Was made most welcome by the crew and crowd. I Wonder where three years went... Many thanks to Experiments In Fiction for capturing the evening in words and film. Thank you. Marking their post-pandemic return to … Continue reading Cassettes Live @ Three Tanners Bank — Experiments in Fiction

From Cairo To Carlisle.

The night before our wedding vows were exchanged, we changed the bedding. Cotton from Cairo to Carlisle, you said. And, amid these mills and pyramids unfolded, tucked and spread, we slept. o Dreamed freedoms formed from enslavements; cold words are never sentenced here. We have no need for apple crops, tobacco shops, or any other … Continue reading From Cairo To Carlisle.