Bring no book.

He wore his sandwich board and stood at his place beneath the clock on the square. The town went about its business around him. The clock was stuck at just after 6. The front of the board read BRING NO BOOK, the back GIVE TO IDLENESS. Often he’d say “Bring no book” to a passersby. He was largely ignored, except for the girl who sat on the bench beside eating her lunch. She watched him over the top of her sandwich.

She spent her days at the library jumbling books. It was carefree work, wheeling the trolley aisle to aisle, messing up the alphabet so no-one could ever find anything. The hours were good and so was the pay. Lunchtime, a little tired of books herself, she would walk to the square and sit on the bench and listen to her co-worker’s great message.

7 thoughts on “Bring no book.

      1. I guess it feels a bit awkward sitting on a commemorative bench – disrespectful, even though presumably that’s what they’re for.
        When we built our place we used a lot of recycled materials, and my mother bought the toilet for us from a scrap yard. She said we should think of her when we sat on it.

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