perhaps this is what they call jazz?

they sat in the low light blue smoke of the room

and, after a while, running out of things to say,

he picked up a guitar and started to strum

some rudimentary chords, plucking triads and tripping harmonics

and, believing he was, of a sudden, some old blues man,

he began to throw in some hems, some hums, some uh-huhs

with such a confidence that she (and even he) began to imagine

him either genius or fool.

she sipped at the wine and wondered – perhaps this is what they call jazz?

42 thoughts on “perhaps this is what they call jazz?

  1. I think it was probably Blues Folk, like Dylan when nobody is listening.

    Jazz is what happens when I turn my saddlebag upside down to find a screw to use in place of my clutch lever pivot and all the loose change, bottle caps, small parts, tools and spark plugs snap, clunk and tinkle around my feet. It becomes Rock and Roll when the screw I need is right on top of the pile. Classical when the screw works.

    Nice piece, Nick! Thanks for the thought nudge.


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      1. No, probably not! But I suppose that, in this context, an empty saddlebag would be Glum Rock.
        (Has that term ever been used in the Music Press? I guess The Sisters of Mercy would be a good example of Glum Rock.)

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